About Rebecca

Rebecca Longster is a writer, reader, and lover of words. She once was a teacher of words, and how to use 'em, at Purdue University but now she just plays with 'em instead. She lives “across the river” in Lafayette, Indiana, with 3 crazy cats ~ one of whom is her husband, James ~ artist, photographer, and renaissance man.

You can get in touch by leaving a comment below or by looking for her on Facebook or Twitter (hey ~ it could happen :-P)

Ever narrate your own novel into an audiobook?

Today is my birthday ~ here’s my gift to myself: Ever narrate your own novel into an audiobook? Who mastered it for you? (and if you say you learned how and did it yourself, my head will likely explode. Just sayin’ 😉 ).   Hello everyone! I’m sorry for my long silence/absence. Some “life happens” […]

Free Stories Weekend: Just Because

Yes, my 90 days of Free Story Friday (or Saturday, or you know, whenever 🙂 ) has ended, but here’s the thing: All the of the ebooks in my serial novel Shadows Present, will be moving out of Kindle Unlimited next week, and it occurred to me that the last 4 had two unused days […]