Shadows Present

SP2016_7eBookBoxedSet_onBG2Shadows Present ~ available in individual ebooks or the complete Box Set and in print here.


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*Silhouettes: Book One in the long-awaited serial novel, Shadows Present, introduces: SP1-6X9-Hardcover-Book-Ereader

Cori Ferrell – a young wife and mother just coming to realize that the last four years of her life, since she married, have somehow been spent sinking into a marital Venus flytrap, the leaves and petals of which have been oh so slowly and subtly tightening almost from the beginning.

Kiel Manning – a young man with a plan for his life, on the brink of accomplishing his first goal of becoming a teacher and ready to set his sights on finding the love of his life to share it with him. Read more on the Silhouettes amazon page . . .

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 9.15.18 AM* Soul Eclipse: Book Two of the serial novel, Shadows Present

Since Cori left him, Lonny’s life is on a downward spiral and picking up speed ~ kind of like the way water swirls down the toilet. She won’t talk to him or take his calls, the house is a mess, and now he’s lost his job, and it all started with Cori leaving him and sneaking off to Kentucky. So, clearly, the first order of business is to go there and get her to come back home where she belongs . . . Read more on the Soul Eclipse amazon page . . .
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*Shade of the Laurel: Book Three of the serial novel, Shadows Present
Cori gets settled in to the house, attempting to make it into a home, even, with Kiel’s help, planting a little sp3-6x9-hardcover-book-ereadergarden along the edge of the clearing. Surely, now that the stress of the move is past, she and Lonny will be able to rebuild their relationship.
As he works his muscles, taking care of the yard and property, Kiel grapples even more with his feelings for Cori and the children. She clearly doesn’t feel the same ~ how could she? There’s no rational reason for him to be in love with her ~ and, let’s face it, the less rational ones are pretty far-fetched . . . Read more on the Shade of the Laurel amazon page . . .
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*Shadow Cast: Book Four of the serial novel, Shadows Present
sp4-6x9-hardcover-book-ereaderKiel and Cori get to know one another better as the summer waxes. One day flows into the next, each hotter and drier than the last. They settle into a routine that finds them spending time together almost daily, with Kiel practicing patience, while Cori tries to do the same, waiting for Lonny to keep his promise to work on their relationship.
Unfortunately, Lonny has forgotten all about that promise. He’s taken to drinking again, and hiding it as often as not. And all of his energy is focused almost entirely on his “art” ~ or so he thinks . . . Read more on the Shadow Cast amazon page . . .

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* Dark Descending: Book Five of the serial novel, Shadows Present
sp5-6x9-hardcover-book-ereaderKiel watches over Cori at the hospital, with the help of Donna and Lee, while back at the house, Lonny descends deeper into the darkness that inhabits his studio.
When Cori insists on going home from the hospital the next day, Kiel takes her ~ knowing he’ll be there to take care of her and the children, and determined, now, to tell her he loves her, husband or no.
But Cori has other plans ~ and, suddenly, Kiel finds he’s out of time . . .
A lot can happen in two days . . . Read more on the Dark Descending amazon page . . .
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*Valley of the Shadow: Book Six of the serial novel, Shadows Presentsp6-6x9-hardcover-book-ereaderspbackdrop
Kiel and his family wait at the Watseka hospital for Hugh to wake up, hoping against hope that he will before the “time limit” is up.
Back in the house in Kentucky, as Lonny hovers “helpfully” in the background, Cori is determined to clean up her own mess this time, though part of her does wish she had gone with Kiel when he asked.
Donna and Lee come from her dad’s place in Indiana to the hospital in Watseka. Donna and Kiel, along with his parents, discuss Cori but . . . Read more on the Valley of the Shadow amazon page . . .

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*Shadows Present: Book Seven of the serial novel, Shadows Present sp7-6x9-hardcover-book-ereader2
It’s August 1st again, Cori’s birthday, but that is the least of her problems . . .
Kiel and Shadow race back, temperatures in Kentucky rise dangerously high, and Cori is realizing that she made a mistake ~ several, in fact . . . Read more on the Shadows Present amazon page . . .

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