Free Story Friday: Last Blast ~ Get them all!

sp2-6x9-hardcover-book-ereaderHappy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you’re spending your day with people you love, doing something fun, and thinking happy-making thoughts of all the people and things you’re thankful for.

My list of thankful-fors is a long one ~ but I’ll spare you that much text (which would take up this blog post and a few more! ;-)) and just say that thinking of all I have to be thankful for, in all the different facets of my life, makes me want to give to others out of that bounty. In my personal life facet, that will look pretty much like yours probably will.

Professionally, though, I’m most grateful for all that I have learned (and continue to learn) as a writer and independent publisher. And out of that bounty, I want to give you this:


Beginning at midnight tonight and continuing through midnight tomorrow ~ so called Black Friday ~ All Seven eBooks of my serial novel Shadows Present are free to download on

The first three books (because I’m “out” of days I can give them away for free in Kindle Select) will go back to regular price on Saturday ~

Silhouettes: Book One Soul Eclipse: Book Two  ~ Shade of the Laurel: Book Three

but the last four books of the serial will continue to be free through the weekend, until midnight Sunday the 27th.

Shadow Cast: Book Four  ~  Dark Descending: Book Five  ~  Valley of the Shadow: Book Six  ~  Shadows Present: Book Seven

I hope you download all of the eBooks ~ I hope you read them ~ and more than anything, I hope you get lost in the story and, like the “long” weekend, wish that it wouldn’t end.

Thank you ~

And wherever you are, whatever you’re doing this weekend ~

Happy thanks-giving!


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Rebecca Longster is a writer, reader, and lover of words. She once was a teacher of words, and how to use 'em, at Purdue University but now she just plays with 'em instead. She lives “across the river” in Lafayette, Indiana, with 3 crazy cats ~ one of whom is her husband, James ~ artist, photographer, and renaissance man.

You can get in touch by leaving a comment below or by looking for her on Facebook or Twitter (hey ~ it could happen :-P)

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