Free Story Friday!


Your 1st FREE STORY FRIDAY! … well, Free Story! 😀 *Friday ONLY so grab yours today!

Good Morning every one and Happy Friday!

I’m still celebrating the re-release of my serial novel Shadows Present ~ and doubly celebrating all the

things I’ve learned in this past week about publishing and finding the upside in the process! (as those of you who read my last post will remember, I had a few glitches, bugs, and OMG!s this past week, but all of them had within tweaks, solutions, and OTG!s (“Oh Thank Goodness!”), as well.

For instance, one of the readers who downloaded the complete novel last weekend emailed me Tuesday with the following:


You can imagine my Joy . . . followed by embarrassment :-/  But here’s the the silver lining: One of my girls had told me, before I saw this email, about the missing content in the Box Set, but this was the first I’d heard about the mix up in Book Six! So, after processing the information (read: freaking OUT! :-D), I contacted KDP, dug into the previews, and we solved the problem within 24 hours. If you were one of the readers who downloaded the Box Set last weekend or Book Six, you should have already had an email from Amazon giving the opportunity to download the correct (and complete!) books. NOTE: the “Look Inside” function takes longer to change (see my post of September 8), so if you’re buying the above mentioned books, don’t worry! You’ll get the correct content in the download, no matter what “Look Inside” shows you. Promise!

It was an exciting and very useful experience (as most experiences are)! So, in the continuing Celebration and in gratitude for all I’ve learned, I’ve decided to institute 90 days of Free Story Fridays! Every Friday from now until December, I’ll be offering you a book or short story or collection absolutely FREE, as a way of saying Thank You! I hope you go and download every one, and most of all, that you read and enjoy them! And I’ll be over the moon if you come and tell me about it!

Here’s the first ~ Silhouettes: Book One of Shadows Present ~

And have a most Excellent Weekend!




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