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To ANY and ALL who downloaded the FREE Box Set of Shadows Present over Labor Day weekend: There’s been having-a-real-bad-day-1390292-640x480some kind of snafu that resulted in only the first book of the serial novel being included in the download. I’m working on it (see message to amazon below) and will have it fixed asap ~ If you are one of the people who downloaded Shadows Present during the free weekend, please feel free to email me and I will personally see that you get the COMPLETE content, either in the box set form or by making the individual books available to you for free instead, with my sincere apologies and heartfelt thanks.


———–message to Amazon————

Hello ~ I recently uploaded all 7 books of my serial novel as well as the box set, then offered the box set on a free promotion over the Labor Day weekend.

Unfortunately, as I discovered yesterday, the box set ended after book one only, even though the mobi file I uploaded was complete, including the proper cover. When someone who had downloaded the box set let me know this, I went and checked and sure enough, even though the cover was correct, it only had book 1 in the content. So I went ahead and downloaded the preview files of the individual books ~ and discovered that even though all the covers were correct, book 6 has the content of book 7 instead (which book 7 also has). I checked all the mobi files on this end, and they are all correct ~ the right covers with the right content ~ so I have no idea how the content of the box set (which at least 50 people downloaded over the weekend) got truncated OR how the content of book 7 managed to replace the content of book 6 (even with the correct book 6 cover) on your end.

Here’s my problem. The 50+ people who downloaded the box set over the 3 day free promotion only got the first book of 7 they were supposed to get. For those who actually read it any time soon, they’ll be confused and disappointed ~ and at best I look like a fool, or worse, like a scam artist. And 3 of the 5 days I have to offer the book for free before the select period ends have been wasted.

Can you please tell me my options for correcting this snafu? You can call me at my cell xxxxxxx or email me at I will very much appreciate a response and your help straightening this out.

Thank you.
Rebecca Longster
author of Shadows Present

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Rebecca Longster is a writer, reader, and lover of words. She once was a teacher of words, and how to use 'em, at Purdue University but now she just plays with 'em instead. She lives “across the river” in Lafayette, Indiana, with 3 crazy cats ~ one of whom is her husband, James ~ artist, photographer, and renaissance man.

You can get in touch by leaving a comment below or by looking for her on Facebook or Twitter (hey ~ it could happen :-P)

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