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If you came here expecting a standard hype-filled sales page, I hope you’re pleasantly surprised. Frankly, I’ve had enough of countless IM sales pages that shout at you to BUY NOW and try to create a scarcity mindset that makes you feel like, if you don’t buy now, you’ll have missed your opportunity FOREVER!

Bollox, as the Brits say. Whatever it is that an Internet Marketer is selling, if it really is as good as they say, it will still be there next month, and the month after that, and the month after that. If it isn’t, then you really didn’t miss anything.

So, no hype from me. I’m not going to promise you that this little ebook I’ve written will make you a millionaire two weeks from Tuesday. In fact, this little ebook will not make you any money at all (unless you decide to become an affiliate and share it with others). What it will do is help you lay the groundwork for your online business, and that’s where you will make money.

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My intent with Online From Absolute Zero is to help you stake your claim to your own bit of web “real estate” and to help you build there a solid foundation for your own online business, whatever form that may take.

The Trouble With Most Internet Marketing Programs

See, the trouble with most Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, or any online business endeavor is that building a business online looks deceptively simple, kind of like painting one of those Russian nesting dolls.

You Can Do It In A Crafty Afternoon

Let’s say you have instructions for painting the doll, including measurements, how and where to apply the paint, which color and design goes where, and even sections blocked out on the wooden doll itself. When you first look at it it just looks like a wooden doll shaped kind of like a gourd, and the idea of painting it seems kind of fun.

But when you pick it up, you find a seam around the middle and there’s something odd about the weight . . . so you start examining it, only to find that it comes open, and there’s another doll inside. Well that’s fine, you think, I can deal with painting two dolls. No worries.

Except that there’s another doll inside that one, and another inside that one, and another inside that one, etc. until you come to the last teeny, tiny baby doll that’s about the size of your thumb from the first knuckle to the nail.

And what looked like an easy, fun way to spend and afternoon, suddenly becomes a significantly longer project that will require more time and more work and perhaps buying more paint. Plus, you really wanted to paint the big doll, but since they’re nesting dolls and you don’t want to have to wait for them to dry to put it together, you’ll probably have to start with the tiny one first . . . .

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Hey, guys, it’s just a Weekend Project

Or maybe a more practical example might be, say, you’ve decided to replace the old shower and tub surround in your bathroom with a new one, nicely tiled with a natural scene.  You’ve got all the materials that you need to install the new shower stall and tub surround, and you’ve even bought one of those 9-inch diameter shower heads. By the time you’re finished, taking a shower in there will feel like bathing under a woodland waterfall fed by a hot springs.

Best of all, it’s just a weekend job so if you start on Saturday, you’ll be showering in this soothing natural setting by Monday morning. Excited and envisioning that happy moment, you set up all your tools and all of the components you’ll need to install the new shower and tub surround, roll your sleeves up, and begin.

Only, once you take off this old tub surround you find out that the wall behind it is moldy and needs to be replaced. Now the new shower is on hold until you tear out and replace the old wall. Okay, well, that’s a bit disappointing, but should just be a minor delay.

Unfortunately, as you tear out the damaged wall you discover that the moisture damage goes all the way down to the sub floor on which the tub itself sits. And what was a simple weekend job has now turned into a major remodel.

That morning shower in a woodland waterfall? Fuggedaboudit.

Good point, but this is all relevant to me how?

What do these examples have to do with anything? Well, that’s the way a lot of programs promising to teach you how to build an online business are. For a lot of us, just learning the basics rather quickly begins to feel like setting out to paint a Russian nesting doll or starting that weekend project to replace the shower and tub surround.

It can be a bit discouraging, to say the least, to discover that in order to do this one thing you not only have to do something else first, you have to know how to do that other thing first. Then the more “other things first” there are, the more frustrated and discouraged you get ~ sometimes to the point of being overwhelmed enough that you just quit.

Okay, but what about . . . ? Then there are those of us who are just plain afraid of doing it “wrong.” IM gurus, even those with the best of intentions, blithely tell us we can “learn while you earn,” but it seems like some of them have forgotten what it was like before they learned what they’re telling us about. Their “how to make $1000.00 fast!” reports tell how THEY would make a thousand dollars really fast NOW ~ not how they did it when they first started and were still nobody in the online world.

Are they trying to frustrate us and make us give up, leaving them a clear playing field? Nope ~ most of them aren’t. The best of them (and I can, and do, give you the names of a couple of the people you want to follow in the Resources section of Online From Absolute Zero) really do want us to succeed the way they have.

Bridging the Gap

It’s just that it’s been a long while since they’ve felt that insecurity, lack of knowledge, and lack of confidence that many people new to IM are faced with, or it’s simply that all of this IM stuff really did come easily to them. Or as Mark Thompson (a very successful Internet Marketer and IM professional) said to me when I asked him if he could have used Online From Absolute Zero when he started out: “I am [a] stubborn a** and like to learn it myself but i know 99% of people aren’t like me so it would be very helpful.” (Mark cracks me up!) Maybe some of them are just like him! 😉

Not me! I’m known to be stubborn from time to time, but not that stubborn! I’m betting, if you’re here and if you’ve read this far, you aren’t, either. Honestly, I would have LOVED to have had a step-by-step, starting-from-not-even-having-a-clue-where-to-start, guide like Online From Absolute Zero when I started trying to learn how to build an online business. How about you?

The truth is, there’s a gap between where the brand-new-to-IM person stands and the starting place of most programs meant to teach you how to build a business online. This brief report is meant to bridge that gap.

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I hope it does that for you ~ and I hope when it does, you’ll email me and tell me about it.

Best wishes for YOUR Success ~

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