The way back machine . . .

I was actually thinking, when I began typing that title, of the way back into writing regularly that I’ve been pursuing this week on this self-imposed retreat ~ writing that isn’t for classes or on student papers or for project overviews, etc. writing that is for me because it’s fun and it makes me feel good. For instance, I just recently wrote a review of the William Shatner documentary The Captains that was published on  Underwords, my friend Erin’s wonderful literary grab-bag blog of scifi, fantasy, mystery, horror, interviews, reviews, and name-your-genre writing for readers and writers and all kinds of pop culture fans ~ and it was such a huge buzz to be doing that kind of writing again.

But what ended up happening with the title is that I cross-connected with the memory of the “Wayback” machine on a cartoon show I used to watch (I just googled it and it was Mr. Peabody and Sherman on Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends) wherein Mr. Peabody (a dog) and his boy Sherman would travel through time. Maybe that’s where my fascination began ~ and a fascination with time travel stories I do have, I admit.

Anyway, I started riffing on the Wabac (way back) machine, which of course cross circuited to 11/22/63 by Stephen King, which I am currently reading and which will be the subject of the next review I write (in truth I’ve already started it, I was so excited by the content of the first two or three hundred pages or so ~ but I’ll wait, I’ll wait).

And that basically brought me back to my original topic ~ which is finding my way back to the rhythm of writing for myself, for the best story I can tell, for the most excellent promise I can make . . . but there I go again, when all I really wanted to say was, I think I’ve found my way back to my path. [crosses fingers]

To be continued . . . .

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Rebecca Longster is a writer, reader, and lover of words. She once was a teacher of words, and how to use 'em, at Purdue University but now she just plays with 'em instead. She lives “across the river” in Lafayette, Indiana, with 3 crazy cats ~ one of whom is her husband, James ~ artist, photographer, and renaissance man.

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  1. Hélène says:

    The path may not be easy and it’s never strewn with rose petals (remember ‘that story isn’t going to unf*** itself’) but I too feel that you found the right path, with all its probable twists and turns. I can’t wait to the next chapter. May your fingers be nimble and your keyboard quick.

    • Mail snafu! just found these (but I fixed the snafu) ~ Thanks my plum ~ your encouragement means a lot ~ and you’ll be seeing the next chapters soon. Promise!

  2. Beautiful website. I can’t wait to read more posts/reviews.


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