Water IS Life

Let me say that again:

*Water is Life*

Two other truths: 1.) Once the water is poisoned, no amount of $$$, corporate or otherwise, can make it safe again. 2.) Poisoning the waters of the earth anywhere poisons them everywhereimwithherearth

The waters of the earth are a closed system just like the blood in your body. You wouldn’t inject toxins into the veins in your hand and expect it to just damage your hand, right?

The DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) would pollute the Missouri River. It’s that simple. Where do the waters of the Missouri (or any river) flow? and who is affected by the poisons?


Don’t think so? Eaten any gulf-caught shrimp lately? Visited the gulf coast of Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, etc?

The Deep Water Horizon exploded in 2010 and pumped millions of gallons of crude oil into the ocean’s waters for months and, in truth, is probably still seeping oil into the gulf. “Clean up” operations added even more toxins to the water (and air) through spraying dispersants like Corexit over the “spill” ~ against the advice of scientists and biologists and experts who knew better from experience with the Exxon Valdez “spill” in 1989 (the effects of which are also still being felt). Then they continued to spray covertly even after they were ordered to stop.

And where are the people who pocketed (and continue to pocket) the $$$ from that and other deep water oil drilling operations? The people who chose NOT to install safety equipment against just such a disaster? No doubt hanging out with the people who have have assured the people of ND that “this pipeline won’t break.”

One thing is for sure: They’re not living in the gulf.  But these people are: http://www.newsweek.com/2016/10/21/deepwater-horizon-bp-oil-spill-sickened-gulf-residents-508362.html.

The Deep Water Horizon oil “spill” (which I’ve written about here and elsewhere before) happened nearly 7 years ago ~ the above linked Newsweek article is from last month.
It’s still going on, people. Years after the popular media moved on to more pressing matters ~ like whom which Kardashian (or whoever is the current flavor of rich-and-famous-for-no-reason) is sleeping with,  it is still going on.

What has that to do with DAPL and the people protesting at Standing Rock? Everything.

Because it’s clear that the only way to protect the waters of the earth ~ the only way to protect LIFE ~ is to stop the poisoning before it happens.

That’s exactly what the people who have gathered at Standing Rock are trying to do. They are peacefully protesting to protect and preserve the land and water necessary to their survival, yes ~ but in reality to protect the survival of ALL the peoples of the earth, as well as the plants and animals we share it with. Because it is a closed system. What goes into the Missouri goes into all the waters of the earth ~ just like what went into the waters of the gulf in 2010.

Because it is a closed system.

For this, peaceful protesters are being attacked, injured, and even killed with so called non-lethal weapons. https://www.facebook.com/ABCNews/videos/10155041920113812/?pnref=story

I know everyone can’t stand up for everything. I get that. I know most people can’t stop what they’re doing and go to North Dakota. I can’t either. But you can take 15 minutes or half an hour out of your day and do something. Educate yourself, speak out, make a phone call, make a donation, show your support. Something.

Here’s a place to start: https://www.facebook.com/Standing-Rock-Sioux-Tribe-402298239798452/

I hope you do. Because it isn’t just about the tribal nations or protecting tribal lands. Those issues are, in themselves, legitimate endeavors and worthy of our support. But it isn’t just about that ~ it’s about the water.

And Water is Life. For all of us.


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