Free Stories Weekend: Just Because

Yes, my 90 days of Free Story Friday (or Saturday, or you know, whenever 🙂 ) has ended, but here’s the thing:

All the of the ebooks in my serial novel Shadows Present, will be moving out of Kindle Unlimited next week, and it occurred to me that the last 4 had two unused days that they could be offered for free. Seemed like a waste not to use them. Then I thought ~ well, that would be weird, offering the last 4 for free when the first three are out of free days.
Still, I reasoned. There may be people who downloaded the first 3 at some point and missed the days when the last 4 were free. Out Christmas shopping, perhaps ~ and too exhausted from fighting the Black Friday weekend crowds to remember that, oh, shoot, i was going to download the rest of that serial novel that looked so good!

So, in case that was you ~ and just because I hate wasting opportunities to get a great story in front of more people for free ~ here are the links to the last 4 ebooks of Shadows Present. Download them for FREE from the links below.

Whether you’re new to the novel or this just reminds you that you were going to read it and haven’t gotten to it yet ~ I hope you do read Shadows Present, either via the free downloads, or before it goes out of Kindle Unlimited on the 6th.

Here are the last 4 to get you started.

Shadow Cast: Book Four of Shadows Present
Dark Descending: Book Five of Shadows Present
Valley of the Shadow: Book Six of Shadows Present
Shadows Present: Book Seven of Shadows Present

Hope the story takes you away like it still does me ~ and hey, let me know if it does!

Happy reading!


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Rebecca Longster is a writer, reader, and lover of words. She once was a teacher of words, and how to use 'em, at Purdue University but now she just plays with 'em instead. She lives “across the river” in Lafayette, Indiana, with 3 crazy cats ~ one of whom is her husband, James ~ artist, photographer, and renaissance man.

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