Can’t judge a book by its Look Inside or Paranoia isn’t always my friend . . .

Well, I learned a lot about self publishing through Kindle Direct over the last few days which is a GOOD thing (it’s all a matter of perspective 🙂 )

And I had a nice long conversation with Albert, the support guy I got, yesterday, when I clicked “call now” . . . on the page I obviously can’t remember, ‘cause I wasted a lot of time looking for it this morning.

Why, you ask? Because Paranoid Patty, having remembered that Book Six of Shadows Present: Valley of the Shadow (which is pivotal to SO much of the story) had previously had the wrong content in it (duplicate contents of Book Seven instead of it’s own), checked the “Look Inside” function, and panicked because it still showed the ToC for Book Seven under the Book Six cover. YIKES!

So I went back to my KDP Bookshelf (where I had just been ready to enroll the next book ~ Six ~ in Kindle Select), went into the book files and downloaded a preview, just to be sure . . . even though I had done that exact thing last night, after working with support to solve the problem with that one and the Box Set. Like the kindle gremlins had sneaked in while I slept and changed it back. (Hey, it could happen . . . .)

But NO! The contents of the book were still correct! YAY! Hallelujah! All righty, then!  . . . wait.

Now I have to republish it? I can’t just go back and enroll it in Kindle Select? I have to wait until they “review” and “publish” the “update”? but I didn’t update! I just went and LOOKED at the PREVIEW, because, you know, gremlins!

Oh, dear.

And then I remembered that Albert (remember Albert? the support guy?) had told me yesterday that the content of the books is always the latest uploaded but that it can take up to 2 -3 weeks (!!!) for the Look Inside preview to be changed. (So anyone out there looking at the “Look Inside” contents of Book Six ~ it’s wrong. It totally DOES have the proper contents now, honest.)

That was a few hours ago. Now it says, next to the book on my Bookshelf, that it is “publishing with updates.” So, undoubtedly, it will be live and eligible for enrolling in Select before the end of the day. Maybe even before I finish this post. And then I will enroll it like the others.
It’s all good. 🙂 [Yeah, it always was Patty ~ trust the process, breathe, waterlily pond, serenity . . . don’t act in haste . .  . I know, I know!]

Yep. Love it when a plan comes together . . . with tape, and sticky glue . . . 😛


Rebecca (aka Paranoid Patty. . . occasionally)

PS: I’m still celebrating, so I’ve decided ~ for the next 90 days ~ to institute “Free Story Fridays” ~ starting with Silhouettes: Book One of Shadows Present. All you need to do is go to amazon kindle books and download it. It’s the right content, and it’s all there ~ trust me. 😀

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