Ever narrate your own novel into an audiobook?

Today is my birthday ~ here’s my gift to myself:
Ever narrate your own novel into an audiobook? Who mastered it for you? (and if you say you learned how and did it yourself, my head will likely explode. Just sayin’ 😉 ).
Hello everyone! I’m sorry for my long silence/absence. Some “life happens” chaos (some that’s still going on, but it will work out ~ life is good that way 😉 ). But I’m checking in here today because I need some suggestions.
Chaos Reigns: Most of my chaos has been personal and fam related, andSP2016_7eBookBoxedSet_onBG2 I won’t go into details (you can thank me later :-D), but recently I’ve finally been able to finish the rerecording (for volume) of the beginning chapters of my first novel, Shadows Present, and separating the whole into individual sound files by chapter parts.
Life Happens: Thanks to the “life happens” kind of thing, it took much longer to narrate, record, and edit than I had hoped starting out, with multiple gaps of inactivity (and rerecording) throughout ~ and in the midst of this last life happens gap, I lost my sound engineer to a career change that’s keeping him too busy to finish this project. So I have about 6 gigs of audiobook files ~ most of which have been mastered individually, but about 15 chapters, front matters, end credits, and title pages files, that have not been. So what I need (I think) is a sound engineer to master those and then do a final mastering throughout.
My Experience Narrating: (Because some have asked me to let them know about the experience of narrating your own work . . .) Given how long it took, and how frustrating it was (mostly because I’m not a sound engineer and, btw, I’m pretty sure proTools is the spawn of Satan) and how long it took, would I narrate my own novel again?
Yes. Yes I would. There’s something essentially satisfying to me (a long time fan of reading aloud and in character when possible) about giving my characters their voices as I hear them in my head. Having said that . . . The next novel of my own I narrate will likely be in a sound studio with a professional at the helm. I would (and probably will) record short stories with my home studio set up, but another novel length work would take the above, I think. The struggle to maintain consistency in so many directions across a longer work is too much for the one-woman-show. 🙂
ANYway, if any of you have any experience with or suggestions for finding a sound engineer to help me out with mastering, I thank you ~ profusely ~ in advance of, during, and forever after.
Always moving forward . . .
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