Slide show Plug-in ~ kinda cool

now let me see . . . .
[wowslider id=”4″]


This is the 3rd iteration of this slide show ~ some futzing and tweaking, you know, but so far I’m really liking this plug-in. You can find it for free download at ~ and I recommend following the youtube tutorial for WordPress linked in the first paragraph ~

Next: let’s see how this works on a whole page . . .  hmmmmm  . . .


Works on a page too (see page at ~ I changed the image size and had to mess about twith this one a bit too. Found out you can’t put quotation marks before a caption ~ it disappears ~ and I had to update my WP version to be able to install and use wowslider (be careful to back up your site and do this first, ’cause it caused a fatal error the first time and I had to remove the file folder from the folder where my site is hosted to be able to get back to the dashboard) ~

All in all, though ~ a very satisfying little plugin, I think ~

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